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By Adekunle Adewunmi

Ibikunle Amosun, it is worthy of note, needs to be eulogized and, probably – appreciated, for it would be unwise to be ungrateful to a man that stood as an icon of development within the infrastructural hemisphere of Ogun state during his double spell as the executive governor.

The Gateway State governor has without doubt, worn the state a new toga – refreshingly and beautifully, which could stand the status of some locations in Lagos State – the respected Centre of Excellence which flanks Ogun by the West and remains her closest neighbour.

Governor Amosun’s name would be recounted in the history book as one, who has given a facelift to the state, making it look attractive, captivatingly entice, and ravishingly stimulate investors into the state capital. Yes! The state capital.

No doubt, the man, Ibikunle Amosun has exemplified a show of outright selfishness and prejudice in favour of his town -Abeokuta. It is evident, beyond reasonable doubt that prejudice exists in terms of infrastructural development among other parts of the state compared to the level of riches bestowed, buried and planted so to say, in the Olumo city.

Recall an aphorism that says; ‘a tree cannot make a forest’; same cannot be said of Abeokuta and particularly Mr. Governor who believes the state capital can make a state. Never! Abeokuta alone can never make a state, irrespective of what has become of it, courtesy of Governor Amosun.

By that show of imbalance, the executive governor of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has shown a sheer ravaging nonchalant, demeaning attitude towards other branches that make up the whole tree known as Ogun State.

If we would not feign ignorance, many burghers would relate and concur to the fact that, a huge neglect, in form of an embargo has been slammed on other towns and cities of the great state.

It will please you to know that Ogun State is made up of thirty one cities and towns put together yet, if Amosun would publicly declare his achievements throughout his stay in the Government House, 85 – 90% would be seen to have benefitted the city under the rock.

This anomaly calls for proper scrutiny because votes were gathered from polling units across the whole state to make the son of Amosun the governor.

Then, why being chauvinistic and make others suffer little or no development?
Oh! Kudos to you for trying than your predecessors but then, of what essence does it reveal, if you cannot outstandingly succeed beyond those people – for the sake of posterity and fairness?
Of a truth, the place of fairness has been thrashed into a bottomless pit in this soon-to-end administration and, all His Excellency is concerned with, is a systemic way to install his favorite as if we are in a monachical system.

Amongst other ongoing projects in the state, of course, I’m speaking of Abeokuta are; the new building of OGTV at Ajebo, Ultra-modern supermarket arena in Oke-Ilewo which is called Abeokuta City Centre just opposite the popular Iwe-iroyin House. Ogun Teaching Institute, New Dawn Gardens and, another Estate in Oke Mosan. Worrisome among the projects are the Model schools all around with no consideration of Talakawas children who constitute the largest number of voters in the state. 8 years down into the government, the employers(voters) cannot benefit from the works they sent their own employees (politician) to do in the public office.

What a sad story!

Without denying the ‘giant strides’ of the rebuilding agenda government, Panseke and Oke Mosan can testify. Nevertheless, Mr. Governor needs to be called to order. This dividend must be evenly distributed because; taxes also erupt from Ilaro, Idiroko, Ijoko, Ota, Ijebu and the likes. Even though the road tarred within Ota Palace now has some potholes, we want to believe it’s as a result of the industrial companies with long vehicles around the territory.

If other parts of Ogun State have to battle the neglect for now, maybe because “gbogbo ę lama se” (we would complete all projects), is it save to say those areas should refrain from payment of taxes and other dues? What is being done concerning the Gateway Hotel at Tollgate which used to bring lots of revenue to the state? These are questions earnestly begging for answers.

Recently, shamefully – the Governor demanded the return of funds spent on the repair of federal roads around his state which sprouted questions from well-meaning people of the state. While It is normal for state governors to request for monies spent on federal roads, major of those roads are nothing to right home about.

What has Amosun done to Atan-Agbara road, Papa-Sagamu and Sango-Idiroko which appears to be in a situation of misery? Owode-Ilaro, Papa-Ilaro and Sango-Ijoko enroute Berger roads are there begging for serious attention since his second-term of rebuilding commenced yet, it remains nothing to write home about.

Ogun State has become an island of uncompleted roads, left to a den of apathy and despair – commuters are at the mercy of bad road networks. One cannot comfortably boast of a link road from Abeokuta to Ibadan since that which connects Odeda and Obantoko axis is a synonym for massive disaster.

But, the sycophantic works of PR is all we watch on Ogun State Television whereas, nothing of significance can be pointed at to have been enjoyed by the whole state.
Well, the time may appear over for your government, but, it is not yet May 29, 2019. With the appropriation bill for the coming year you just laid before the state House of Assembly, it is hoped that you would complete all outstanding projects and remember other zones in projects execution, going forward.

Let it be noted, His Excellency, you’re the EXECUTIVE State Governor, not a city or town Representative. Amosun, like our Ogun State anthem, don’t shy away from major duties. As such, I say; ISE YA!



Adekunle Adewunmi Is an award-winning Poet and Writer. A Journalist by training, he’s a correspondent at Church Times Newspaper and, Contributing Editor, Interviews at Open: Journal of Arts and Letters, U.S. Adekunle is an indigene of Ilaro, Ogun State.

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