Nigerians Should Keep Hope Alive- An Entrepreneur

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Nigerians Should Keep Hope Alive- An Entrepreneur

….2019 Is The Year Of New 

Nigerians Should Keep Hope Alive- An Entrepreneur
Nigerians Should Keep Hope Alive- An Entrepreneur

An Enterpreneur, Artist and Director of Childrens’ Ministry, Osakwe Nonyelum Esther (O.N.E) has urged Nigerians to keep hope alive, saying Nigeria will be better in 2019.

O.N.E stated this while speaking to newsportal’s reporter on telephone interview.

She described the commemoration of the birth of Jesus Christ as an important opportunity for everyone to show love to one another and encourage unity by spending quality time with their friends, families and the less privileged.

She said the Holy Book describes Christmas as a festival of peace, joy, healing, hope and fulfilment, Saying “It kindles great expectations in the heart, irrespective of the challenges of the moment.”

According to her, “In the new year (2019), Nigeria will experience acceleration, there will be many things, new season, new opportunity, new grace and new things will happen.

It is Christmas Day again and Christians all over the world celebrate the great event of the birth of Jesus Christ, the Son of God and the Saviour whose remarkable life of virtue, teaching and sacrificial death on the Cross of Calvary form the bedrock of the over two thousand-year-old Christian religion.

Osakwe maintained that her prophecy also should not be joked with, revealing that it was the holy spirit that spoke to her.

She urged the people to live with peace and love during the Yuletide season, stressing that people should eat, drink, and celebrate with one and other.

Her words ‘always  remember that January is just around the corner, urging them to prepare for January, stressing that kids will resume school, bills would be paid and they should not let the celebration let them to forget their responsibilities to play at home”

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