Cleric Give Conditions For Economic Viable Nigeria

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Cleric Give Conditions For Economic Viable Nigeria

Cleric Give Conditions For Economic Viable Nigeria
Cleric Give Conditions For Economic Viable Nigeria

*Tasks Politicians to end economic hardship, starvation

The Setman, Treasure House of God, Quarry , Abeokuta, Ogun State, pastor Seye Senfuye yesterday said if the political gladiators could be patience as if obeying a literal traffic light, Nigeria would become one of the best economies in the world.

Pastor Senfuye who spoke to journalists on Tuesday during a cross over night at the church premises.

He explained that the Holy Spirit spoke to him that 2019 is a year Nigeria politicians have to be patience, stressing that they have to patiently wait as if they are obeying the traffic light (red light), set to go (amber) and move steadily (green). Once their voting reflect patience, the country would from 2020 becomes one of the best economies in the world”.

The man of God maintained that If Political gladiators could go by all what the religions are saying there will be no killing, there will be no insurgence, there will be peace, love and unity.

His words “If we can have patience and we do critically well, Nigeria is about to be launched in an era of unprecedented development then Nigeria Will move to colour green by the year 2025, adding that others country will find it difficult to have easy access to Nigeria visa.

He stressed that “The holy spirit has the capacity to speak to anyone and the holy spirit spoke to him in a proverbial manner that 2019 is a year of three colour, year of red, Amber and green.

He said the gladiators have to have patience, knowing fully well that they are in the intersection junction.

His words “God is not a Christian, not a Muslim, God cannot be corner into a religion, God is God and it is important to have relationship with God that make you understand and have the love of God.”

“Wen we have the love of God, majority of Nigerians operate by the love of God, you will not carry AK 47 and kill your brother”

“When we operate purely by love and all the religions preach love, it is the selfish motive that is embedded in that religion that people now take arms against each other.” He said.

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