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My Letter To The Youths 

My Letter To The Youths 
My Letter To The Youths

Dear youth, (up and coming)

It seems difficult to live and thrive at a time like this when priorities are been misplaced, values are been downtrodden, cautions are been thrown out of the window and morals are been degraded.

Now the struggle is simply to have the bucks and spray the dough, even at the expense of whatever. It is hard to focus in a period like this because the popular chants sounding and ringing aloud in our hearing is “if it’s not making money, it’s not making sense”

While you might have been tempted to believe that fable and probably fallen for the fallacy that comes with it, I’d advise that you to read on.

You see, money is very important, in fact, it is the chief launcher and commissioner of many things in life, but as you flow with the tides of what the society presents to you, be careful not to get caught in its Web.

Now in your life, what I think is important is your self discovery, without neglecting the hustle of meeting ends. This is the time you should build formidable relationships by any means you deem fit.

This is the time to sow seeds in different “fertile” soils, the time to volunteer to give out your service or expertise for free (I don’t mean at all time, but more often than not).

This is the time to equip yourself with many implements to face whatever challenges life is willing to throw at you.

This is not the time to cruise in car without having much in your bank account and pocket, because at this time, a car should either be a “tool” or “liability” to you, you should never see it as an asset yet because it is not.

This is not the time to buy all latest gadgets and designers without having much in your bank account, pocket and even intelligence bank account. I’d suggest you rather equip yourself with knowledge and pay the full price for it upfront.

Enough of the near-misses, enough of purposelessness, enough of doing the wrong thing all the time.

The secret to getting it right is simply by being at the right place, doing the right thing at the right time.

This is the time for you to sweat, toil, labour hard,and get your hands dirty and if you’re lucky, just little pant of sweat is enough for you to change the narratives for better.

A time will come that the money you’re putting first as your number one priority today won’t grant you access to where you desire simply because everyone in that circle has money than you do, and you need that circle to elevate yourself to another circle. But guess what? if you take your time now to invest in formidable relationships, I bet you won’t find it difficult to get into whatever circle you wish in the future.

See, in this business of life, people don’t favour the wealthiest or most competent, they favour who they like. This should reinstall in you the fact that you need to work on building meaningful relationships, that’s the strongest bridge that can help you cross rubicons at every levels of life.

Listen, what got you here won’t take you there because the configuration of your past is different from that of your future, hence the reason to work on whatever nomenclature you identify with. The next stage you’re about to approach requires different approaches and a different you.

Youth, commit yourself to getting it right because when you’re a youth is when you are YOU!

To your immeasurable success,
Toheeb Bisiriyu.

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