Ogun Politician In Trouble Over Wife’s Lesbianism Act

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Ogun Politician In Trouble Over Wife’s Lesbianism Act

Marriage Turns Bed Of No Roses For A Politician
Ogun Politician In Trouble Over Wife’s Lesbianism Act

Ogun Popular Politician escapes attack over wife’s homosexuality scandal
What you are about to read is not a fiction or a script from Nigeria’s Nollywood movies but a true story of a woman whose sexual preferences has landed her family in a big mess. It’s no longer news that homosexuality is a crime in the Nigerian society and culprits risks a jail term of 14 years. Omolara, a Nigerian woman is the latest causality of the homosexual laws in Nigeria.

The beautiful woman who works with the Nigerian government is currently on the run to save her family from further humiliation and a likely prosecution due to her escape from justice. According to sources, the woman in the eye of the storm, Omolara was caught red handed in the act and she was promptly arrested by the authorities. However, she was later admitted to bail and her politician husband stood as shorty to secure her temporary freedom despite not staying under same roof.

Things took a dramatic dimension when the offender flee the country amidst her trail. And since her mysterious escape, her husband has been living a life that can be best described as a scene from hell. Her children were not spared too.

They have been ridiculed and humiliated in the community. The constant humiliation forced the her and the kids to escape to a temporary safe haven. It seem there’s no hope in sight to their woes as another trouble reared its ugly head recently when the husband’s car was set ablaze by yet to be identified hoodlums during the outburst the the Presidential campaign rally for the ruling All Progressive Congress in Abeokuta, Ogun state where the husband plays big as a leader. As you read, they are said to be living in constant fear of a fresh attack on the husband whom just because the woman of the shares a different sexual orientation. We will keep you updated as events unfolds.

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