The Magnanimity Of Dapo Abiodun And The Developments That Stare Us In The Face

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The Magnanimity Of Dapo Abiodun And The Developments That Stare Us In The Face

The Magnanimity Of Dapo Abiodun And The Developments That Stare Us In The Face
The Magnanimity Of Dapo Abiodun And The Developments That Stare Us In The Face

By Ade Bash

“Minds are conquered not by arms, but by love and magnanimity,” so said Baruch Spizona in a popular quote.

Man has taken many struggles in life; struggles to make ends meet, struggles to build up businesses and make advancement in life, but the struggles to attain political positions appear to be the most challenging and daunting.

In the Nigeria political context, some politicians are always bent on seeking vendetta, after defeating their opponents. But, it worthy of note, that is not the case of Prince Dapo Abiodun, the Ogun State governor-elect, who has raised the bar as far as magnanimity is concerned in Ogun politics.

To some, political vendetta should be the next thing that should have started already, after the March 9 gubernatorial poll has been won by Abiodun. Many other political gladiators, players and ardent supporters believe those who stood against them will not go unhurt, while some feel every opposition must be thrown with tantrums and banters. Nay, Abiodun never nursed such ill ideas.

To the chargrin of many, a down-to-the-earth Abiodun took a giant stride and incorporated opposition members, who contested the same gubernatorial election against him in his economic transition committee and work group, a trend that has never happened in the history of Ogun state politics.

If my records serve me well, I don’t think any opposition group or individuals have ever enjoyed such buoyant gestures anywhere in Nigeria. While taking the decision, Prince Abiodun never downplayed their wealth of knowledge, years of experience and their level of competencies to bring in robust ideas for the betterment and the overall development Ogun state and its people.

The economic transition committee includes the governorship candidate of the African Democratic Congress (ADC), Prince Gboyega Nasir Isiaka, GNI, the candidate of the Social Democratic Party, (SDP), Prince Rotimi Paseda and the deputy governorship candidates of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Dr Reuben Abati and many opposition members.

An average Nigeria politician believes in the “winner takes it all” syndrome and never see any benefit his opposition can bring on board, but that is not the case of Abiodun, a refined and disciplined politician with heart full of magnanimity.

Going forward, the economic transition committee has people of vast experiences across the globe, professionals of repute that have achieved great feats within the public and private sectors – people, who have built people from zero to heroes, people, who have successfully managed robust businesses and people, who are human resources managers and all. Commendably, Abiodun has not only presented a set of people who understand the terrain (Ogun state) and how it operates, but has also set an unrivalled precedence and good value standard for our corporate governance and democracy.

Having this calibre of great minds and successful business owners is one of the bold steps that Abiodun has taken in his resolve to fast-track exponential developments to every part of Ogun state.

As a matter of fact, one cannot take away experience, vast knowledge and understanding of situations onground when talking of developmental plans. This is the good note Dapo Abiodun is starting with.

In the coming days, Abiodun has shown us that no room for political vendetta, no room for witch-hunting of oppositions or perceived opposition, no room for unnecessary pull-him-down syndrome against any opposition. The only door widely open is for all to join hands and support the good agendas he is bringing on board, to all stand up with open hands and arms and receive his developmental agendas, which is for the sustainability of all and building our future together.

Within the days to come, I believe Abiodun will raise the bar and take Ogun state beyond its present status of development.

It is on this note that we stand for the collective growth of our dear state and her good people. Igbega Ipinle Ogun… Ajose gbogbo wa ni ooo.

_Ade Bash, a blogger and new media expert is an undergraduate of Political Science at the University of Lagos (UNILAG)._

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