Open Letter to Ogun Governor-elect; Prince Dapo Adbiodun

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by Adekunle Adewunmi

Your Excellency, I will like to congratulate you for a well fought competition between political titans during the March gubernatorial election of Ogun State. May I submit oodles of dabs for the can-do spirit you wore like garment throughout those turbulent periods where all supports from the incumbent’s machinery that you were supposed to ride on turned a foe overnight. Truly, the enemy of a man reside within his hermitage. Nevertheless, they were humbled by your humble approach to the election and you emerged victorious with the absence of unnecessary jamboree. I’m pretty sure their camp was, and is still stupefied.

Now, the election has come and gone and, I must in a big way, applaud your quick approach to things that matter to the state while warming up to kick-start your regime. Your visit to industries in Agbara, interaction with the Lagos State governor-elect; Babajide Sanwo-Olu on border matters and how to drive economic prosperity within this little period shows you’re a man ready to meet the people’s need. The set-up of a surprising transition committee which included men from opposition parties, just to bring capable hands on deck and run an all-inclusive governance is also worthy of emulation. Asides God, Your Excellency have done what no man would do! And this word is without any form of sycophancy.

In the light of your pledge to run an all-inclusive government, I would like to bring to your notice, sir, the already disarmed part of the government, which in fact, is one of the arms of government and third in ranking, closest to the people. The Local Government in many state of the federation have been sidelined, disarmed, shelved and relegated in the affairs of governance. Governors treat them as an unworthy and unimportant part of government which if well examined, is a blatant lie. Their absence in contributing to governance have caused many loopholes, to the shame and abuse of governments.

I would like you to know, Mr. Governor that the local government is called local because it serves as the ears of the people. People naturally align with the LG and they are to take such cries to the state government. If this arm is given the freedom to carryout things, it will surely be to the credit of your administration sir. Truth be told, before any citizen will give kudos to the local government chairman, pleasantries and name singing would have rolled over to your office endlessly. Since the state governor can’t see or handle everything in the state, please use your kind office to restore power to the powerless local government and its chairmen.

It is often said that a true leader is not one who makes people fear him but he who builds leaders out of followers. Apart from being a servant leader, a good leader characterizes as one who give responsibility to others so that they can grow and also become leaders someday. I believe it is the lack of self-security and pride that makes a man not to trust the works of those under him. He has a duty to correct and put them through when they are not doing the right thing. Asides that, division of labour have proven to make work done easier, better and faster because two good heads they say, are better than one.

In reality, the power of mentorship is what we lack in Nigerian politics if we wouldn’t try to shy away from the truth! Political mentorship will put upcoming youths on track, help understand the process and what to do per-time; before, during and after election and even while in charge of governance. And most importantly, how genuine mentorship is capable of ending the cult called godfatherism in Nigerian politics. Sir, I’d like you to take the autonomy of local governments in Ogun State at heart as it will germinate good fruits.

As a media person sir (traditional and social), I make boast to affirm that our state’s media houses (radio and TV), TV importantly are in a sorry state. The programs mostly showcased aren’t very catchy nor informative. Techniques being employed in OGTV are old-fashioned and needs immediate and proper renovation. I’m usually ashamed when a live program is ongoing and see other staff move around on camera even on DSTV! The background/backend in the TV studio aren’t technological enough. Things are changing and we are supposed to shift with it!

As a matter of urgency, Your Excellency may wish to sponsor or order staff to go study more about trends in the mass media environment and effect same after their study. Fresh and creative Mass Communication graduates from our state’s institutions and beyond should also be brought on board so as to produce one of the best contents in the Nigerian media – both on TV and radio. The main reasons for mass media; information, education and entertainment should be upheld in high esteem so as to produce better performance even after your 100 days in office sir.

We know knowledge births power and major success rests on proper research hence, the immediate need for a public library to help juveniles and bookworms. Sir, I beseech your administration to look into building a public library(ies) outside the state capital so other parts can have something worthwhile to be proud of, which will in turn, contribute to the greatness of the people of Ogun State.

As I said in one of my articles titled ‘Govenor Amosun played God and He Failed’, I hope that you won’t tow the lane of your predecessor by just flashing us with ‘highpoints of the news’ and later prefer a part of the state to the other. Like Amosun, the good people of Ogun State will appreciate your administration so much if you won’t become the governor of Remo, leaving the other parts to their own. Don’t forget we people of Yewa, don’t show love to Ifo and leave Abeokuta. We are all one and please, let this be the bedrock of your decisions after getting sworn-in.

Education is in problem in this state, especially at the primary and tertiary level. More equipment and health care staff should be provided while building of more primary health centers will also be highly appreciated. Your Excellency, you will agree with me, the incessant rate of ‘yahooism’ in Ogun State. Many youth got themselves in it because they have no source of wellbeing after graduating from their respective tertiary institutions and it will be gladdening to see you committed to ‘viable’ job production and employment of those graduates to reduce to barest minimum, the crime and people like me who are tired of being unemployed for more than three years.

I’m ready to play my part as a good burgher of Ogun State like others, joining you to chant your cliché; Igbega ipinle ogun, ajose gbogbowa ni o.

Thank you, sir.

I remain my humble self, Adekunle Adewunmi and write from Ota, Ogun State.

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