SDG, Sweet Estate empower handicap, feed 60 needy people in Ogun

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SDG, Sweet Estate empower handicap, feed 60 needy people in Ogun
SDG, Sweet Estate empower handicap, feeds 60 needy people in Ogun
The African Church, Solution ground, Lemme, Abeokuta, Ogun State, has put a smile on the face of a physically challenged woman identified as Mrs Feyitola Ayede by empowering her with a brand grinding machine and sum of 20, 000 naira as start up fund.
The church has  also distributed rice to 60 old women.
The empowerment materials were presented to the woman on Sunday during a thanks giving ceremony in honour of Sons and daughters of grace, SDG.
The CEO of sweet estate also Ajiroba of Egba christain , chief Olumide falola also promised to give a sum of 15,000 as monthly salary to the physical challenged woman to cater for her immediate needs.
While speaking to journalists chief Falola maintained that it is very important to help the needy people, adding that giving back to the less previledged should practised by all.
”Try all your best to give back to the people, the woman in question is an handicapped who can walk so there is need to give to her, it is not by our power that we have but by his grace, so we are blessed to bless others”
”He advised all meaning Nigerians who have money and properties to see the act of giving back as important, saying that when they die they can not take their properties and money to heaven”
In an interview with the director of mission of the African church of God, Bishop Jeremiah Okunola, popularly known as Baba Ire Owuro maintained that the church is following the word of of God that says  you should help the less priviledged, adding that the empowerment was a result of giving back to the less poor.
”When you see a poor person help him, when you have the ability to help render it because givers  never  lack, the word of God encourages and propel us to help the poor and by the grace of God we will not stop in giving back to the leas priviledged ”
”The Bible says ”we should not forget the poor in the land so when you get to the land do not forget the poor because am the one who gave you the wealth” so when God says you should not forget the poor so you must obey God”
”God bless you not only for your consumption but to render help to the poor, you should not forget the poor, we are blessed to bless the poor people”
” The poor are everywhere, there are people who have wisdom and there are people who have learnt one thing but they don’t have the financial capacity to help themselves, it is our right as rich people to help them to  realize their dreams”
He enjoined everyone that God has blessed in one way or the other to try and give back to the poor.
The Bishop also said that the church is also planning to train youths.
”By the grace of God in this June we are going to gather youths and teach  them  a trade on how to be self employed so that they can be useful to society, there are some businesses you can do with little or no cash we call it zero entrepreneurship”
”I want to thank God that those that have been empowered through this church are now living  fine, one who will empowered with 2,000 naira has now built a house of her own”
Meanwhile,  the chairman Sons and daughters of grace, Emmanuel Olujimi described the gesture by the church as a welcome development, saying that they have emulated Jesus by giving back yo the poor
Biblically it is the priority for the Christians to assist the needy, what we have done is a way of emulating Jesus , it is not that everybody has bur we wished to follow the  foot step of Jesus christ who is our leader.
”Every individual should look at his or her community and wherever you are, you should try to wipe away the tears of the needy so you will feel filled that you have helped somebody in life, they should also stretched out their hands of giving to the poor not matter how small or big”

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