Abiodun will return smile on faces of Ogun people , Hon. Bello boasts 

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Abiodun will return smile on faces of Ogun people , Hon. Bello boasts 

Abiodun will return smile on faces of Ogun people , Hon. Bello boasts 
Abiodun will return smile on faces of Ogun people , Hon. Bello boasts
The Chairmanship aspirant for Abeokuta North Local Government, under All Progressives Congress (APC) Hon.Wale Bello has said that he was ready to complement the good works of the state governor, Prince Dapo Abiodun at the grassroots if given the opportunity to manage the affairs of the local government.
He also boasted that Abiodun will return smile on the faces of the good people of Ogun State
Hon Bello who disclosed this to news men  revealed that, though, he has quited politics immediately the former governor of the state, Chief Olusegun Osoba lost the 2003 election in the state, but he however went back into politics as soon as Prince Dapo Abiodun emerged as the APC governorship candidate for Ogun state.

He disclosed that he decided to pitch his tent with Gov Abiodun because he believed that the billionaire business man and politician of repute has what it take to return smiles to the faces of the people of the state.

The APC stalwart and former Councillor in Abeokuta North local government disclosed this in an interview with news men in, Abeokuta.

He said, ”I am also seeking to be Chairman of Abeokuta North local government to compliment Abiodun’s efforts. I am contesting to share with the governor his philosophy of leadership and selfless service. I don’t mind to be Abiodun’s errand boy what is important to me is for me to implement his philosophy of good governance, fairness to all”.

“I am an educationist up to PhD level. I am a proprietor of a leading secondary school in the state. I am a philanthropist who have not less 15 less-privileged students in universities on my scholarship. I am a chief in the community and also Baba adini of an area, so, I have always been a community and service oriented person”.

Hon Bello explained that “I quited politics immediately former governor of Ogun State, Chief Osoba lost in 2003. It was like heaven wanted to fall. For 16 years, I stayed away from partisan politics. However, I developed interest again when Gov. Dapo Abiodun emerged as APC candidate. His humility impresses me. So, I never hesitated to support his governorship ambition because I knew it was a project that will make life more bearable for the people of Ogun state.

“I even had brushes with the immediate past government when they discovered that I was working for Abiodun. My school received many letters on taxes. I was forced to repay renewal fees from 2004 to date but my morale was not affected and I never for once wavered in my support for Prince Abiodun’s governorship ambition”.

He added that “in spite of hostilities he received during the campaign, the intimidation, the assault, insults and many more, yet he didn’t utter negative statements against the opponent. I remember the incident at MKO Abiola Stadium experience, he sat and watched despite the satchet water being hurled at him and his supporters. I remembered that he warned the followers after the incident that they must not retaliate.

“I watched him when he told the crowd that the most important thing is that President Buhari raised up his hand. He was invited on Channels, he spoke as if he was nobody. I was surprised that a billionaire could be so humble and calm as he demonstrated” he concluded.

He said what he sees in Gov. Abiodun is unparalleled to the immediate past government.

”Abiodun never sees himself as somebody. He believes in collectivity. He believes in provision of sound education and this is my field. I volunteer myself to complement his efforts”.

“His slogan during campaign was “igbega ipinlę ogun, ajoşe gbogbo wa ni”. I thought it was just political slogan until he vindicated himself. He set up different committees before he was sworn in to give blueprints . He set up committee to work on OOUTH, there was a committee on MAPOLY, another committee on TASCE, he appointed about 50 leaders to advise the government.

”He set up committee on agriculture in which my leader (Alhaji Bakai) is one of them. He does not believe that he has monopoly of wisdom or knowledge, he governs by his slogan of collectivism.
I do not mind if people call me his stooge, I do not care if they call me his errand boy. What is important to me is to make sure that I implement his philosophy at the local government level”.

”As a grassroot man, I know where the shoe pinches my people, I am aware of the poverty problem, the market women and the artisans need to be financially empowered through microcredit scheme like Oko’owo Dapo to improve in their works and trades”.

”All the feeder roads in the local government were not touched for 8 years. We need to improve on the situation most especially the roads that need grading only. It is not too much if the graders work round the clock.
There are technocrats among the politicians that can work with us. We don’t need to go far before we appoint people.

”We have leaders in the local government that we can tap from their wealth of experience such as our own Baba Adesina, Alh. Bakai, Alhaji Bodunrin, Bobagunwa of Egbaland, Senator Tejuosho, Chief Timi, and women of substance like Alhaja Faidat, young fellows like Yemi Igwe and a host of others.

”I am a grassroot man. I go to the markets. I live in the midst of the people of the local government. I don’t live abroad or in Lagos. In fact, my investments are in the local government. I employed not less than 105 staffers working with me in the schools I established in the local government”.

“So, like I have earlier said, I have demonstrated leadership qualities over time and I have that assurance that if given the opportunity I will change the face of grassroots governance in Abeokuta North local government”.

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