“3 Unemployed Graduates In One Family Get Federal Jobs Without A Godfather”

I and my wife are nairalanders since 2013, I have a testimony to give. Like numerous other Nigerian families, we have unemployed graduates in my family. Two weeks ago, my wife and younger brother who both have been unemployed for 6 years got selected in the N-POWER scheme. The real shocker was yesterday. My wife was on nairaland as usual she pointed out that the police cadet result was out. My younger brother that did the interview just decided to check the list reluctantly because we thought it was impossible to be selected a police cadet officer in Nigeria without bringing notes from the governor or senator. To our surprise his name was there!!! He read Elect Engineering and has been unemployed for 7 years. We shouted and jumped up and down, made so much noise that I lost my voice. Neighbors had to come to see why we made so much noise.
Now I have seen Real CHANGE in my family. Three federal jobs in two weeks without knowing anybody in Abuja. Just by browsing the net and applying online. Truly there is new hope and beginning for Nigeria. I pray that others looking for jobs will find favor too soon.
God bless PMB.
God bless Nigeria