9 New Ponzi Schemes Operating in Nigeria that Promise Good Profit to its Participants

It might surprise you to know that there are at least nine ponzi schemes in Nigeria promising good returns on investment.

There are now at least, 9 ponzi schemes in Nigeria begging Nigerians to participate in and make money.  A good number of Nigerians have already started investing in these ponzi schemes even though the government has warned of the risks involved.
However, it seems like some Nigerians are making cool money from the schemes as no one has complained yet. The number one and most popular of the schemes is MMM Nigeria, which took the country by surprise.
Mavrodi Mundial Moneybox popularly called MMM bounced back on the 13th of January after it froze accounts of investors for one month. The scheme promised 30 percent return on investment. Many say the scheme has helped reduce the poverty in the land.
Here is a list of other ponzi schemes that offer good money to Nigerians even though the schemes are still considered risky.
Get help worldwide
This is an online scheme that promises people so much money. The fraudulent scheme came into being in August 2016 and investors say it has been gaining much popularity since the closure of MMM.
The invisible managers of the scheme claim that “it is a mutual fund that requires peer-to-peer donation, as people help other people by providing direct financial help. Third parties are not encouraged in this scheme.
“The help offered yields a profit of 30 percent, if it is in local currency and 50 percent, if it is in bitcoin. The profit is made within 30 days,” according to the scheme.

“The help offered yields a profit of 30 percent, if it is in local currency and 50 percent, if it is in bitcoin. The profit is made within 30 days,” according to the scheme.
Zar fund
This scheme was set up by Hannes Jordaan, an online entrepreneur, who reportedly lives in South Africa.
Zar Fund claims that it offers financial assistance to those who need it. Members are expected to join through a referral link, which is level one.
Thereafter, they would be asked to make a payment of 0.03btc per month to be able to receive the same amount from members under them on “level one downline”. With enough collection of funds from those on level one, members graduate to level two. Zar Fund depends on the active participation of referred members.
Nigeria Shortly after the crashing of MMM scheme, streetwise Nigerians came up with the idea of NNN Nigeria.
According to their website, it is a scheme that takes care of a community of ordinary people who understand the meaning of unity in adversity. “The goal of this scheme is not money but to acquire as much as you can.
It is a mutual aid that offers 35 percent yield to its participants as compared to the 30 percent offered by MMM.” According to them, it works under democratic principles because “It is made by the people and for the people.” It adds that, “some freedom lovers in America came together to establish it.
“It is headed by an influential Yoruba man! It was tested in New York City in 2014 before it was brought down to Nigeria. It is an improved MMM system”.
E-cooperative online
This is another scheme that appears to have recently gained popularity across the country. E-cooperative does not promise any percent on money donated.
This scheme helps members raise the capital needed for major projects and gives them ideas on how to manage the money they make from their businesses.
This scheme has two parts; the multilevel part of E-cooperative, then the business part. It claims to have the capacity to render services such as internet marketing and training, online adverts, micro-credit, skill acquisition training and business development.
Givers forum
Its founders claimed that it is one of the top online money schemes in Nigeria. The Point learnt that giversforum.net domain was registered in October 2016. It claims to be, “a community of givers who assist each other financially; there are no lenders or debtors here. People simply offer help when a member is in need.”
Participants are charged to be kind and honest in their dealings. Financial help has to be given whenever a participant is in dire need of it. The money stays in the account of participants and not in a central account, which can be subjected to theft. At the moment, it is said to be one of the top five schemes in the country.
Crowd rising
This is one of the newly introduced Ponzi schemes that is trending among the ignorant ones. According to an insider source, ”It was set up in such a way that charities, schools, religious organisations and clubs can benefit from it.”
The traffic on this site is relatively low, compared to the other schemes. Donations are said to be made directly into the account of the members.
Ultimate cycler
This scheme was claimed to have been set up by a US-based network marketer identified as Peter Wolfing. Upon registering, members are expected to pay N12,500 to another member. The member must confirm the payment, after which the administrators will place four registered people under you.
This people would pay N12,500 each into your account. Members are encouraged to bring in other people, if they cannot wait to be matched with people who will pay them.
This is said to be an international charity club that has a network of donors and peers, members who team up with a view of making financial gains. “Members give and receive donations here; it is an open club, where anyone can join anywhere.

Members do not pay to a central server because, “schemes that use central servers are burdened with the responsibility of deciding who to give money to and at what time”.