Baby Born Without Ear In A Nigerian Hospital Due To Use Of Contraceptives (Pics)

According to Facebook user Uju who shared the story(said it was originally shared by Sylvia Ijeoma),an innocent baby with multi organ deformities was delivered at a hospital where Ijeoma works as a nurse.Below is what she shared…
‘Facebook user shares photos of a baby born deformed due to use of contraceptives by the mother

A Facebook user, Sylvia Ijeoma who is a nurse shared photos of a deformed baby that was born in the hospital she works in. She said the deformity was due to the use of contraceptive by the mother while she was pregnant. She wrote:

“To the youths of our time, do not get a lady or gal pregnant.An innocent baby was delivered today in our hospital,hydrocephalus head,no ear(left)cleft lip and cleft palate baby due to the use of contraceptive pills.Be warned don’t fall a victim.” She wrote in a Facebook post’