Group Protests In Abuja, Demands Governor Fayose’s Arrest (Pictures)

Solidarity Protest Against Fayose by women advocacy group currently going on in FCT.

I think Government and private organisations need to step up efforts in providing more jobs for women because the level of unemployment is becoming unbearable, affecting people’s sense of reasoning and humanity.

One can only wonder, out of all the problems in Nigeria, the protest some ignoramus can engage in is “Fayose is being tormented”as if Fayose is the economy or he is the one the Present or past President or he is the Chief of Army Staff of what?

Recently our soldiers killed uncountable innocents Nigerians that are helpless in the IDP camps and the blood of the dead is yet to torment the killers who said to have done the damage mistakingly yet we worry aboutFayose.

Fayose should finish his Government and pay is dues if he is corrupt but not making him an issue of Protest in Abuja for that matter. see Photos Below: