So Tragic! Popular Alaba Businessman and Wife Die After Driving Off a Bridge (Photos)

A Nigerian business mogul Daniel Okwuchukwu Chinemelum popularly known as FEDAN at Alaba International market has died following a recent fatal accident which saw his car fall off a bridge and plunge into a river. According to people who know him, the businessman died along with his wife. May their souls rest in peace.. His colleagues have taken to their social media pages to mourn him.

“But, in all these you were chosen and not only you but with your wife you loved so much. This God is mysterious, He chooses whom to call onto him, my friends please know it today that we are in this world for a purpose. This world is not our destination we are only here on transit and once we finish our work here we most go. How and where and when to die is not for us to choose. Today is Fedan. He has finished his mission on earth. Tomorrow it may be me or you. So brethren do good and fear God.

“May God give all of us and more especially his family the fortitude to bear the loss. Rest in peace Fedan Investment limited (FIL).”