“Reasons Why I Stand Against MMM” – Jaideyone

It’s irritating when some mmm promoters come here to tell us to mind our business and insult us just because we dared to air our views against the ponzi scheme. some of them have gone as far as laying curses on us for pointing out loopholes in system.

Front page or not this post is aimed at educating them on why we (myself, like minded people and the government) will continue to warn people against putting their money in such schemes.

If my neighbour comes to preach to me, giving me reasons why I should start going to church with him and how I will benefit immensely from what his church has to offer then he has automatically given me the right of disagreement. I know his pastor flogs the worshippers during deliverance sessions, tells them to go outside and eat grass and swallow snakes in the name of Jesus. From that moment onward I have the right to challenge his points and dissuade my siblings and loved ones from following him to church lest they get brainwashed and hurt in the process.
What I’m saying in essence is that we stand against MMM because we have loved ones who are into it or planning to join.
I have a close friend who currently has 100k in the system and all I want is for him to get his money out before it crashes. I love him and I don’t want him to lose his money.
I have a girlfriend who has been talking about joining since October. Do I hate her? No!!! do I give money? yes!!! infact I’ll be paying half of her rent by February ending while she’ll pay the remaining half. I love her and I don’t want her to lose her hard earned money. If she does I’ll have to pick up the bill. my only prayer is she won’t put her money into it without telling me.
So you’ve accused us of praying for MMM to crash? yes
why? cos we have loved ones who might join if MMM stays a day longer. the earlier it crashes the better. the more it grows the higher the number of Nigerians at risk of losing their money when it crashes.
So as those who are in the light, it’s our responsibility to reach out to family members and friends who are in the system and persuade then to get out. we are not preaching against MMM because we hate them, we are doing so because we’ve identified the dangers associated with putting money in a scheme with no solid investment structure.

We will continue to dissuade people from joining. it’s my responsibility and I won’t shy away from it. call it hate, jealousy, whatever you like.

Thanks for reading.
Let the bashing begin